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Curriculum Structure

Curriculum Structure

Students are

  • required to complete 24 units including a Research Method and Literature Review in Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences (BBMS6500)# for Graduation.​

  • Students are allowed to enroll a maximum of TWO BMEG courses from MSc in Biomedical Engineering Programme as elective courses.

Courses offered in Term 1

BBMS5100  Perspectives in Biochemical Sciences

BBMS5120  Biochemical Techniques for Forensic Analysis 

BBMS6100  Biochemistry of Food Safety and Environmental Health

BBMS6200 Methods in Biochemistry

BBMS6500 Research Method and Literature Review in Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences (Compulsory) #

Courses offered in Term 2

BBMS5200 Molecular Biology and Genome Science 

BBMS5220 Biochemical and Biomedical technology

BBMS6120 Clinical Biochemistry and Diseases 

BBMS6300 Management and Accreditation of Biochemical Laboratory

BBMS6520 MSc Research Project

Suggested Study Scheme (For students admitted in 2020/21 and thereafter)
Full-time mode
Year     Term           Course                                                                Units   
   1         1st             BBMS5100, BBMS5120, BBMS6100, BBMS6200              9
                              (3 out of 4 Electives)
                              BBMS6500 (Required)                                              3     
             2nd            BBMS5200, BBMS5220, BBMS6120, BBMS6300,            12
                              * BBMS6520                                                           
                              (4 out of 5 Electives)                                                       

Part-time mode
Year     Term           Course                                                                Units   
   1         1st             BBMS5100, BBMS5120                                              6     
             2nd            BBMS5200, BBMS5220                                             6     
   2         1st      ,      BBMS6100, BBMS6200 (1 out of 2 Electives)                6
                              BBMS6500 (Required)                                                     
             2nd            BBMS6120, BBMS6300, * BBMS6520                          6     
                              (2 out of 3 Electives)                                                       
* BBMS6520 is for students working on research MSc Project.

Teaching Staff 

  • Full and part-time teaching staff from School of Life Sciences as well as other similarly qualified/experienced individuals

Study Mode & Tuition Fee

Study Mode 


Normative Study Period * : 1 year
Maximum Study Period     : 3 years


Normative Study Period *^ : 2 years
Maximum Study Period       : 4 years


* Some students may need longer time than the normative period to complete their studies for various reasons.  They can apply by writing to our office to extend their study period.  Those who cannot complete within the maximum study period will be required to discontinue their studies.

^ With careful planning, students can finish their studies in one year.  Those who complete all requirements ahead of the end date of Normative Study Period can apply early graduation.


  • Language of instruction: English

  • All classes are scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons at CUHK.

Tuition Fee

  • HK$150,000 for the whole programme (2024/25 admission), HK$6,250 per unit (subject to university approval)

  • HK$18,750 for each additional course 

Assessment & Graduation


  • The assessment scheme varies between courses but will require in-depth reflection on topics covered

  • Assessment types includes assignments and written examination

  • MSc Project courses (BBMS6500 & BBMS6520) require poster/on-stage presentation and written report

  • Performance of stduents will be assessed according to the grading scheme used to postgraduate courses at CUHK.  If a student fails to meet the graduation requirement, he/she will be required to re-take the course and pay fees of the retaken course in the next academic period.

<Notes for Assessment>

Special attention is drawn to Honesty in Academic Work.  A Guide for Students and Teachers is available by clicking here. 


All students are required to :

  • meet all the programme requirements

  • pass all the assessments & complete 24 units including BBMS6500 Research Method and Literature Review in Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences 

  • obtain a cumulative overall GPA of 2.0 or above

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